NEW! Italrefr Blast chillers and Shock Freezers


  • Kitchen time optimization
  • Labour time rationalization
  • Loss of weight reduction per portion
  • Larger menu
  • Raw materials and provisioning cost reduction
  • No more waste and scrap reduction
  • Maintenance of the organoleptic values of food
  • More alimentary protection


These advantages will rapidly become a major gain and a reduction of stress in the kitchen for your business and for your customers.
Each food, once cooked, can quickly lose its fl avor, as the  nutritional and organoleptic characteristics. Moreover, a hot dish (70 C° / 10 C°) is quickly attacked by deterioration and bacteria. Only a rapid cooling of the product allows to maintain its initial characteristics, by protecting it from the aggression of germs.


The œcore chilling until a temperature of 3C° can help to pass over this critical threshold in the shortest possible time, maintaining the freshness, the fl avor and the organoleptic characteristics of the dishes. This operation allows to keep for longer the healthy foods.
To preserve the food for a mediumlong period and to maintain it nutritional value, there is no other solution then to froze it until core temperature of -18C° in less time possible.
A slow freezing process makes that the liquids from the food to be transformed into macro-crystals of ice.
This development will irreparably damage any dish.
The use of Italrefr blast chillers and the rapidity that they grant for the freezing process, allow the formation of micro-crystals that help to the conservation of the organoleptic and nutritional properties of each product; these will be freely stored for weeks or months. Upon the thawing of each raw material or semi-cooked foods, there will not be loses of fluids, flavor and texture and it will be  possible to proceed with the normal preparation of the meals with high nutritional and qualitative values.